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Page history last edited by Sharon E. Davison 10 years, 6 months ago


Welcome To The Podcasting Page!


On this page you will be able to see some of the math problem solving we have been working on in Kindergarten.  You will also be able to listen to what your child wrote as well.  I hope that you enjoy listening to the wonderful math thinking that is happening in Kindergarten as well as talking to your child about the great math work that they did!  Please feel free to post comments as well.  ** Just remember to edit the page first and then save your work when you are done.**  Enjoy!









sally  2012-03-29 09_37.wav   Parker  2012-03-29 09_36.wav   Poppy 2012-03-29 09_29.wav




Podcasts About The Weather!


During the months of October and November we having been creating and designing graphs that represent the weather during our Number Corner time.  The children have done an a job using MHOM to share their mathematical ideas.  We decided to also make podcasts about our observations, what we learned from looking at the graph/chart of the weather for the month of October.  This a great way for children to begin to collect data and make interpretations!



ParkerZ0000352.mp3 SallyZ0000354.mp3 SabrinaZ0000355.mp3 MontanaZ0000357.mp3

AsherZ0000358.mp3 OliverZ0000359.mp3 PoppyZ0000360.mp3 AveryZ0000362.mp3

LaurynZ0000363.mp3 BrianZ0000366.mp3 JacobZ0000367.mp3 JaydenZ0000368.mp3

AbbyZ0000369.mp3 PhilipZ0000370.mp3 Lucia080101_005.mp3 Kyle Z0000373.mp3 SylvieZ0000372.mp3





Video of a Sea Creature Word Problem!

Podcasts of Our Whale and Shark Word Problems!


Each child created a word problem using sea creatures.  The children also had an opportunity to use the SMARTboard and create problems using sea creatures too!  I have uploaded a video below for you to watch to give you an idea of the deep mathematical thinking that happens for young children.  Wow!  It is all so amazing!





SkylerZ0000299.mp3                   Mikhyia Z0000292.mp3









James       HarperZ0000293.mp3












 Listen To What We Learned During Our Math Stations! 


Mrs. Schaw our math interventionist created Walt for us!  Walt helps us think deeply about what we are doing at our math stations.  He represents what we are learning!  Not everyone was in Kindergarten when we created these podcasts.  They are wonderful!  I have also hung the certificates in the classroom.  Thanks so much Mrs. Schaw for helping us think deeply about what, why and how we are thinking during our math stations!


****A few of the children also noticed that when we identify what we are learning, the words so that are like using the word because!  Some of the children made remarks about how Walt also gets us to justify and explain how we are thinking.  Great connections!****


TylerZ0000260.mp3 JoeyZ0000264.mp3 MadelineZ0000265.mp3

MariaZ0000266.mp3 AnnaZ0000268.mp3 SkylerZ0000269.mp3

HarperZ0000270.mp3 SawyerZ0000271.mp3 JamieZ0000272.mp3






Mikhyia's podcast teaching us a new song to help us remember the names of the shapes! Z0000179.mp3


Triangle Song Z0000180.mp3


Rectangle Song  Z0000181.mp3


Circle Song  Z0000182.mp3  


Square Song  Z0000183.mp3





What Was The Weather Like In September?


Listen to our podcasts of how we interpret the information on the graph below.



Henry Z0000184.mp3


Harper Z0000185.mp3


Jamie Z0000186.mp3


Sawyer Z0000187.mp3


Deanna  Z0000189.mp3


Ayden  Z0000190.mp3


Maria  Z0000191.mp3


Skyler  Z0000192.mp3


James  Z0000193.mp3


Avery  Z0000194.mp3


Anna  Z0000195.mp3


Tyler  Z0000196.mp3


Norah  Z0000197.mp3


Makenna  Z0000198.mp3


Madeline  Z0000199.mp3


Joey  Z0000203.mp3


Mikhyia  Z0000201.mp3


Haley  Z0000200.mp3





Comments (5)

Sharon E. Davison said

at 4:19 pm on Sep 28, 2010

Mikhyia, Wow! You did a great job with your podcast! Mrs. D.

Jessica Brassard said

at 1:58 pm on Sep 29, 2010

AWWWWW! Love this! We have this song on a cd if we can send it in one day maybe you all can listen to it and enjoy it :)

Ellie Eaton said

at 7:50 am on May 4, 2011

I love the shark and whale podcasts. They are my favorite. Can't believe my kindergartener is doing word problems! Amazing!

danielle patrick said

at 1:57 pm on May 13, 2011

Wow, very impressive math "talk"!!

Amanda Dudley said

at 10:51 am on Sep 26, 2013

Can you tell me what you are using to actually record the podcasts? I would like to try the same thing at our school!

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