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Welcome To The Math Thinking In Kindergarten Wiki!




Welcome to Kindergarten!  Kindergarten uses a multi-sensory program called Bridges.  Bridges is a wonderful hands on program that encourages children to work in small work stations and independently to solve problems.  Many of the work stations focus on counting, making and predicting patterns, measuring, numeral writing, picture graphs, skip counting, money, addition and subtraction.  Click on the link below to read more about this program that we use in Kindergarten.  http://www.mathlearningcenter.org/

Comments (3)

jparks@cssu.org said

at 7:53 am on Oct 4, 2010

LOVE the link to access! I'm glad the math studio is working well for you!

Michele said

at 8:49 pm on Oct 13, 2011

This is very neat to hear all the children explain the math patterns. I think it is amazing how their observations are so rigtht on. Thank you so much for sharing the work with us.

Mia Marinovich said

at 4:02 pm on Nov 29, 2011

I love the voice threads and I'm impressed all the children saw the patterns! Great Job Mrs. D's Class!!!!

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